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Sequential Guide Approval for Improved Quality Control.

Our new feature allows for greater quality control of your most crucial material, by enabling guides to be approved sequentially based on job roles and internal requirements.

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Published on 29 August 2022 Updated on 14 May 2024

At SwipeGuide, we constantly strive to deliver additional features and functionality to improve your experience and boost frontline productivity on the shop floor. 

Introducing — Sequential Approval Workflow. 

This feature enables you to sequentially set up approvers for guides before they are published, allowing for improved quality control and compliance.

approval workflow


Feature background.

Our existing 'Approval Workflow' feature allows you to set up ‘guide approvers’ within the platform, who can check guides and work instructions before they’re published.

This enables your experts to easily review guides and changes before they’re distributed to your frontline teams.


The new feature.

Building on this feature, we’ve developed additional functionality that allows you to add guide approvers sequentially, based on your existing workflows.

Need your engineers to approve instructions before the line managers? 

With Sequential Approval Workflow, you can do just that. Choose who is authorized to review guides and the order in which they can see them. 


Your benefits.

  1. Sequential Approval:
    You can ensure that guides are approved by different users at different stages of review, based on your internal processes.

  2. Ensure Compliance and Quality:
    This feature, together with the
    Versioning & Activity Log, enables you to control and standardise the documents that fall under strict quality controls—by having content checked before it’s published.

  3.  Simple Setup:
    Admins can simply turn on the ‘Approver’ role for designated users and create a review order—a user will only see the content once it has
    been checked and passed by the preceding approver. 

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