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Here are the Best Industrial Wearables for Your Frontline.

Industrial wearables increase safety, connectivity, and access to standards for today's frontline workforce.

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Published on 2 May 2023 Updated on 30 May 2024

PwC’s annual CEO survey 2023 tells us that technological investments in are a top priority - and this is true tenfold in the fast-paced manufacturing industry.

Innovative technology is one of the best ways to gain a competitive advantage in industries where margins are razor thin, and mistakes can cost millions. 

Wearables improve efficiency and safety.

Being able to work hands-free is a huge advantage. Smart wearable devices - from glasses to gloves - help workers carry out their tasks more efficiently, as well as functioning as monitoring devices to improve safety, and communication tools to connect teams in the production environment.

Some wearables can be configured to display digital work instructions and SOPs with Augmented Reality functionalities - providing operational knowledge with the safety and efficiency of a hands-free device.

Smart Glasses currently dominate the market of Industrial wearables, but other solutions such as Smart Gloves can make a huge impact in the manufacturing value chain.

Here are our favorite industrial wearable devices that are helping manufacturers gain an edge over the competition.



1. Smart Glasses: Realwear Navigator 500

This is Realwear’s flagship industrial wearable. The Navigator 500 allows frontline teams to work hands-free through an entire shift with ease. Long battery life and modular elements keep the Navigator 500 working for countless shifts.

  • Hot-swappable battery for increased working life.

  • 48MP camera.

  • Ruggedized, modular design.

Realwear Navigator 500Images courtesy of Realwear®


2. Smart Glasses: Realwear Navigator 520

The newest and most cutting-edge industrial wearable from Realwear, the 520 represents the next evolution of the Navigator 500 with a bigger and bolder display.

  • Augmented reality functions.

  • 20% larger and improved resolution screen for better visibility and less eye fatigue.

  • Increased accessibility to experts and training specialists.

RealWear_Nav520Images courtesy of Realwear®


3. Smart Glasses: Realwear HMT-1

The original ruggedized wearable from Realwear, the HMT-1 allows frontline workers to stay connected to their teams and to the task at hand with a head-mounted display and network connectivity. 

  • Use it in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous, and loud industrial environments. 

  • High-resolution micro display.

  • Optimized for completely hands-free voice control.

HMT-1Images courtesy of Realwear®


4. Smart Gloves: HyWear Compact XT by Feig

Wearable barcode scanners can simplify and speed up work on the factory floor. Bluetooth enabled and with 5G capability, these gloves help supervisors track processes and productivity wherever they are used in the production environment.

  • Hands-free scanning for warehouse and factory workers.

  • Time-savings of ±4 seconds per scan.

  • Full data collection and documentation throughout the value chain - track SKUs from start to finish.

Industrial Wearables

Image courtesy of Fieg®


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