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instruction onboarding

Easier Onboarding and Better Troubleshooting Guides

This is how a global packaging leader uses SwipeGuide to reduce work instruction authoring times by up to 70%.


  • Make troubleshooting guides and instructions easy to discover and use.
  • Speed up instruction authoring time.
  • Easy access to digital instructions.
  • Reduce pressure on field service technicians.
  • Reduce training time for new hires.
  • Capture silent knowledge and standardize processes.
instructions packaging

Documentation for a robust product portfolio.

This company has an extensive product portfolio. They produce, deliver and install several types of packaging machines, and provide ongoing service to customers. Each machine is complex in its own right but also optimized for different packaging products and customer specifications.

This complexity, coupled with ongoing technological innovation, makes version control difficult for employees who are in charge of documentation.

Every time a service engineer faced a challenge, they would request specific instructions from the service desk, who would then rely on the R&D team to create a customized guide. Until recently, these guides were created using Word and PDF documents and printed for use in the field. 

The company decided to digitize and publish troubleshooting guides in a more scalable way. 

Their goal was to make guides more accessible and easy to use, and bolster service productivity. By digitizing guides, they also aimed to train new hires more quickly.  


reduction in training time.

Here’s where we collaborated to develop more effective digital instructions:

  • Internal work instructions for operators
  • External customer user guides
  • Internal and external user guides for field service engineers
field service instructions

Work instructions and guides for field service engineers.

The company decided to embark on a Proof of Value with SwipeGuide. The project focused on standardizing instructions and making them easy to discover and use. Their team was looking for a helpful format that would enable them to turn extensive engineering-focused manuals into task-oriented work instructions. They also wanted to gather feedback from field service engineers to understand how guides could be further improved. 

Our initial Proof of Value focused on their best-selling machine. They were able to create 11 guides focused on different troubleshooting areas, such as maintenance, changeovers and other processes. A total of 11 instructions with 586 different steps were digitized on the SwipeGuide platform.

swipeguide technician manufacturing

Higher productivity and improved First-Time-Right.

Our collaboration has resulted in a 30-70% decrease in instruction authoring time. They rated SwipeGuide with a 6.7 out of 7 for both creating and sharing instructions. Team members were happy with the improved ability to import images and edit text.


We also gathered insights from end users on the field:

  • 6.6 out of 7 for ease of use
  • 6.4 out of 7 for finding content.
  • 6 out of 7 for First-Time-Right

With SwipeGuide, engineers can access the latest troubleshooting guides on their mobile phone or wearable device, as opposed to a printed PDF. This saves them a great deal of time and improves their satisfaction at work. 

Ready, set, swipe.

SwipeGuide’s radically human instructions have reduced a lot of pressure on the company’s support team. They now have state-of-the-art guides to better perform asset-care tasks. 

Service desk employees also benefit from time savings and productivity. Supervisors are able to reduce the time they spend authoring instructions for training, and have a repository of guides and standard work instructions that are easy to share and update. 

Since the completion of our successful pilot, the company is deploying SwipeGuide for other use cases, such as customer-facing guides.