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Create, share, and track digital work instructions.
Secure by design. Effortless.

Create work instructions

Create & Publish.

Use our intuitive, drag-and-drop editor to create and publish instructions in minutes.


Drag-and-Drop Instruction CMS

Easily structure content, design instructions, and re-use existing content throughout. All with a drag-and-drop interface.


Rich Text Editor

Adjust the font, color, size, or style of your instruction content with the Rich Text Editor.


Clear Visuals

Use still images, gifs, illustrations, or video snippets. We support .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .svg, .mp4, .mov, and CAD files.


Media Editor

Crop, resize, and autoscale visuals on any mobile device. Use the built-in markup tool to amplify visual focus points. We support .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .svg, .mp4, .mov, and CAD files.


Mobile Editor

Create and edit instructions on your mobile device. Capture improvements on the go and share them with your team instantly.



Publish your instructions to a customizable web or native mobile app. Use on any mobile and wearable device.


Easy Translations

Import a JSON file of all instruction translations directly into the SwipeGuide CMS.

Need changes on the go? Edit translations in real time as you work.


Platform Branding & Style Sheets

Make sure your instructions are an extension of your brand. Tailor your account to your company’s functional requirements and brand guidelines.


Multilingual Instruction CMS

The SwipeGuide Instruction CMS uses browser-based language localization. Every editor can use SwipeGuide in their native language when creating instructions.


Platform Admin Panel

Manage users, teams, domains, roles and permissions, workflows, branding, and channels from one central admin panel.


Dynamic Tags

Easily organize and structure content with the use of dynamic content tagging.


Multi-Brand Publishing

Companies managing similar content across multiple brands can use this feature to re-use elements across apps and channels with customized style sheets.


Workflow Functionality

Create a workflow in the SwipeGuide Instruction CMS that reflects your organization’s
approval flow.



Use your company’s network to sign in to create work instructions instantly and securely.

Distribute & Share.

The correct instructions in the moment of need. No excuses. Deliver standards across your
value chain with one click and integrate with robust APIs.

Share work instructions


Choose how to share your instructions with your users: QR codes, direct linking, embed, or NFC.



Decide which standards go where across your value chain with conditional publishing based on customized rules. Empower local success and share best practices and standards to designated sub-platforms around the world. 

Customizable platform with a URL of your choice with multiple spaces (sub-domains). Each space has its own Instruction CMS and apps for smartphone, tablet, and wearables.



Publish your instructions to a customizable web or native mobile app. Use on any mobile and wearable device.


Robust API & Custom Integration

Optimize the learning curve of your processes and integrate SwipeGuide into your existing tech stack. Combine SwipeGuide with your existing ERP, MRP, or MES with our robust API or a custom integration.


Content Privacy
(Access Restriction)

Protect the content on your instruction platform from unauthorized access with end-user authorization.


Automatic QR Code Generator

Automatically generate a unique QR code for every guide, instruction, and step. Users scan this code on mobile and wearable devices to access the correct for the task at hand.


Version Control

Keep, view, and restore all previous versions of any work instruction. See what changes have been made to your instructions, and by which editors.

Discover & Use.

Finally, instructions for digital natives. Online. Offline.
Discover anywhere and use on mobile and wearable devices.

Work instructions on mobile and tablet

Offline Availability

Use your work instructions offline. Wherever you need them. On any device with your native SwipeGuide app.


User Language Detection

Display work instructions in the end-user's preferred language by automatically detecting device settings.



Use your company’s network to sign in to use work instructions instantly and securely.


User Feedback

Rate and give feedback on instructions after completing them.


Dynamic Search

Quickly search for instructions based on context and keywords across channels and apps.

Track & Improve.

Apply the expertise of your workforce. Real-time data and analytics help the top manufacturers enable continuous improvement with insights straight from the shop floor.

Real-time data about workforce

Custom Analytics Dashboard

All of your instruction performance metrics displayed in one place.


Instruction Usage Analytics

Monitor the usage of instructions throughout your value chain.


Instruction Scoring & Feedback

Empower your users to give feedback on your instructions. Set up custom campaigns in the CMS to collect information based on star ratings, yes/no questions, or open-ended feedback per instruction and step.


Time Tracking

Track the time spent on each step, instruction, and topic while monitoring completion rates.


Instruction Comments

Comment on instructions, anytime and anywhere.


Discoverability Tracking

Track how users access your instructions on different hardware: track data for mobile, desktop, and wearable devices.

Expert Services.

Our Customer Success Specialists will facilitate a smooth transition to the SwipeGuide Instruction Platform. We offer expert services to ensure an effortless experience.

Services for digital work instructions

Instructional Design Workshop

Minimalist Instruction Design using the SwipeGuide platform. This hands-on workshop will cover: platform setup, content structuring, effective writing, visual production, guide creation, content discovery, and how to analyze and improve work instructions.


Instruction Academy

Continuous access to SwipeGuide webinars, best practices, and instructional design support.


Multi-Space Platform Onboarding

Comprehensive platform onboarding session tailored for each site in your value chain.


Instructional Design Support

SwipeGuide Instructional Designers support you in the design and development of instructions and visuals upon request. Includes Q&A sessions, instruction reviews, and online coaching. Remote or on-site.


Content Migration

Enjoy a smooth transition to SwipeGuide. Migrate your current instructions in any format and language.


Instruction Assessment

Analysis of your current instructions including suggested points of improvement.