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Remote support with XMReality.

Give your team access to AR-powered remote support when they need it by integrating your SwipeGuide work instructions to XMReality.


Troubleshoot with
remote guidance.

Running into issues that can't be solved with your digital work instructions?

  • Connect to an expert via remote support in order to solve issues while performing a task. 

  • Share your current view with screen-sharing and highlight the issues you're facing with augmented remote assistance.

  • Combine remote support access to work instructions that can be dispatched in order to troubleshoot.

  • Quick solutions for problems during operations for increased operator productivity.

Tablet Access Remote Support from SwipeGuide

Get started with
remote support.

1. Access remote support from SwipeGuide.

  • Open a work instruction in SwipeGuide. 

  • Click the "comments" icon in the upper right corner of the navigation: 

  • Choose "XMReality". 

Tablet Select the Expert for Remote Support

Find an expert.

 2. Select the expert for remote support.

  • The available experts for remote support can be chosen from the list. 

  • Click the name of the person you'd wish to call for support. 

Tablet Remote Support Start

Request screen-sharing.

3. Start remote guidance.

  • The XMReality remote guidance session will start when the expert has accepted the request.

  • Solve the issue through direct interaction with the remote expert.

  • AR-powered hand gestures and drawings can be used to highlight actions.

  • Other experts and suppliers can be pulled in the call if needed.

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