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Manage skills with AG5.

The integration of AG5 with SwipeGuide closes the loop on skills management
and on-the-job training.

skills management

Track proficiency levels
& manage skills development

  • AG5 is a cloud platform for skills management that allows the creation of skills matrices with related qualifications.

  • Monitor skills development and look for experts that can be allocated to roles, workplaces, or projects.

  • Track the proficiency levels of individual employees and teams.

  • Connect to the SwipeGuide instructions that cover the skills needed.

  • Sign off by completing the instruction and marking as proficient in AG5.

AG5 operator access skills profile (1)

Use case 1: Operator.

  • Get insight into my own skills matrix for a personalized learning plan.

  • Get access to the instructions for performing critical tasks.

  • Learn on-the-job for a more effective experiential learning process.

AG5 task proficiency and skill qualification

Use case 2: On-the-job trainer.

  • Share new standards with the correct target group.

  • Perform relevant on-the-job assessments linked to skills matrices.

  • No need to remove operators from their work in order to assess them.

Access the skillsof your team.

Use case 3: Manager.

  • Ensure auditing compliance in terms of skills and training records.

  • Access to an up-to-date skills matrix for my team and shift.

  • Plan for an adequate distribution of skills per shift on my line.

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