Feature Update: Version Control.


The new Version Control feature allows editors to effortlessly view and restore all previous versions of any work instruction.

31 May 2019

Version Control will go live on Monday, June 3rd. Version Control is offered as an add-on to our Enterprise subscription, and comes standard with Enterprise Plus. So what’s new? Our Co-Founder and Chief of Instructional Design, Daan Assen explains in the video below.





Multiple versions.

Before, only one version of a guide could exist in any of the available states: Draft, Published, or Archived. Now, multiple versions of the same guide can exist at the same time. We make it easy to see the full version history of any guide.



Always live.

Never lose the functionality of your work instructions. Version control allows users to keep a current, live version of their instructions while simultaneously making edits and changes. These changes will go live with the push of the ‘publish’  button 


Simple reactivation.

Need to revert back to an older version of a guide? We’ve got you covered. With the push of a button, unpublish your current version and replace it with any previously created version. If you’d like, you can also publish straight from any older version.


User-friendly interface.

Use an intuitive drop-down UI to navigate through your published and unpublished versions.


Compliance friendly.

Version Control allows administrators to see a comprehensive overview of every version in their system. Not only can you see the contents of these versions, but you’ll see which version was in use, and when. 

Need to know exactly which instructions were in place at the time of an incident? No problem.


Bookmark versions.

Want to share a version of a work instruction with your teammates? Easy. Simply copy the link to whichever version you’d like to share.


Learn how it works.

We wouldn’t be SwipeGuide if we didn’t include a visual, step-by step overview of our latest feature! Check out the latest SwipeGuide for SwipeGuide here for an in-depth look at the features and functions of Version Control.



Still curious? Click here and here for more step-by-step explanations of version control. 

Go create.

Our experts have worked hard to bring you a feature that increases visibility and usability while making compliance a breeze. Now get out there and keep creating amazing work instructions with SwipeGuide.

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Chris loves to share his expertise on future-proof work instruction software for frontline teams in manufacturing. Particularly, how digital, visual work instructions can make a lasting impact on motivation, productivity, and operational excellence culture.

31 May 2019