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User Effort Score for Continuous Improvement

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user effort score

Here you'll find the answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions about the SwipeGuide Instruction Scoring feature and how you can use the User Effort Score to continuously improve your processes.

Q1. Why should you start measuring the User Effort Score of your instructions and procedures?

SwipeGuide promotes the democratization of knowledge on the shop floor in order to continuously improve processes. We encourage companies to capture and share knowledge bottom-up, but also to collect feedback on the effort a person experiences as they execute their work with the SwipeGuide platform.

The User Effort Score is a globally recognized metric for measuring and benchmarking the effort a worker experiences while executing a task successfully.  It helps you understand difficulties in the content of your instructions and processes. It also tells you if the instruction or procedure is created in a way that enables the user to accomplish their goal and provides you with clear insights on how to improve it. 

The higher the User Effort Score, the more easily teams accomplish their tasks, the fewer errors are made, and the better your performance at the frontline.



Create Instruction Scoring campaigns in the SwipeGuide Editor CMS under Analytics. 


Q2.  Why is collecting feedback on improvements from frontline workers important?

We like to call this “the power of the crowd.” On our own, we cannot solve every problem nor identify why a specific procedure or instruction leads to more errors or operational downtime, but collectively we can.

By giving feedback through the apps, you actively contribute to the improvements of your instructions and procedures. Not just in the content of your own app, but across all the workspaces and apps your company uses. Your feedback helps to improve operational processes on a global scale. 

Collect feedback from operators through User Effort Score campaigns. 


Q3. How can you encourage a culture of giving and receiving feedback? 

Making mistakes is an essential part of learning. A safe environment where information is at hand is the best starting point to ensure high First-Time-Right scores and prevent repeating mistakes on the shop floor.

Operators and supervisors achieve this essential loop of continuous improvement through collaborative environments that are task-focused and data-driven.

effort score continuous improvement

Track the scores and feedback per guide in the SwipeGuide Editor CMS under Analytics.

published on March 13, 2020


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