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Industry 4.0 Feature Update

Track Performance Data for Quality & Compliance with SwipeGuide Sign-Off

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Wouldn’t it be handy to receive real-time data on quality and compliance, every time a user completed an instruction? The new Sign-Off feature increases the power of the SwipeGuide platform by enabling customers to track performance data provided directly from their workforce. 

Sign-Off replaces the old Campaigns feature and adds more functionality to it. There are broad opportunities for application on the shop floor and in field operations. Ask your users to provide feedback after completing instructions, or check up on their skills after completing training. You can determine where Sign-Offs pop up, and decide on their frequency.

Where  Sign-Offs can be applied:

  • Task execution confirmation
  • Training records
  • Skill level assessment
  • Quality management
  • And more.

The feature is applied on Guide and Instruction level, giving plenty of flexibility in application. There are several standard templates available, but Sign-Offs can also be created from scratch. This empowers Admins to create their own Sign-Offs and make them available to Editors in SwipeGuide. 

A strong solution for capturing shop floor data.

For end-users, Sign-Offs show up after completing an instruction. A relevant question appears and users can leave their responses, which will then be stored in the SwipeGuide platform. Admins can view the results and export them in a CSV format. Sign-Offs can be sent to ERP, HR or BI systems that customers already have in place. In SwipeGuide, new reporting and download capabilities for Sign-Off results are available, making the platform a strong solution for capturing shop floor or field service data.

What you get:

  • Customize templates or create Sign-Offs from scratch
  • Add multiple Sign-Offs to guides and one Sign-Off to each instruction
  • Capture service data in real-time
  • Receive reports on the results.

Complete your organization’s data collection capabilities.

“We had a lot of requests from customers to not only capture and share knowledge on the shop floor and in the field”, says Willemijn Schneyder (SwipeGuide’s CEO): “There was a growing demand in capturing data from the shop floor. After releasing the Checklist feature, now Sign-offs complete these data collection capabilities our customers were looking for. Our aim is to support customers in the whole process of creating digital standard work and work instructions, but also support continuous improvement leading to workforce excellence.

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End-users receive relevant questions after completing instructions, such as "How confident are you performing this task?".
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published on August 24, 2021


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