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Instructional Design Feature Update

Feature Update: Step Notes

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feature step notes

We're delivering advanced options for setting up Step Notes, bringing tailored content to your users, and displaying Warnings automatically when they're needed.

1. Advanced Step Note Settings.

You can now create custom Step Notes by uploading your own Icons and choosing your own Names. You can now also translate the Step Note Names to any language in your platform. 


Step notes-2



2. Enhanced Step Notes for your users.

Cover all your user's needs by mapping out additional information in your Step Notes. Popular custom step notes include additional information about tools, locations, or the equipment needed to get the job done. 


step notes users


3. Automatic Warning Display.

Set up the Automatic Warning Displays in Step Notes. Your end users won't miss any important information about safety warnings when swiping through your instructions. Empower safety on your shop floor by providing additional information where and when it's needed. 

Always display warning

published on April 6, 2020


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