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Feature Update

Knowledge Sharing 2.0

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knowledge sharing

Why waste time doing something that’s already been done well? Sharing and reusing best practices across sites is now easier than ever with SwipeGuide’s updated “Knowledge Sharing” functionality.

Companies have used SwipeGuide to effortlessly create and share critical operational knowledge in SwipeGuide for years. Now the sharing part just got even easier with the release of the new Knowledge Sharing feature. 


This is what you get: 

  • Share and use work instructions across your company’s sites, operations, and locations. 
  • Find existing best practices from other workspaces, teams, and assignees.
  • Copy and reuse Guides for your own teams and workspaces.


“When it comes to sourcing knowledge experience, finding the right knowledge is critical”, says Daan Assen, Founder and Chief Product Officer of SwipeGuide. “That’s why we’ve improved the search functionality in the platform with advanced filtering and the ability to copy and reuse best practices across sites and operations.” 


Share knowledge with peers.

Digital work instructions are available to be used by peers throughout your enterprise. By making work instructions and SOPs available for copying to other workspaces, your best practices can be shared around the world. This allows others in your company to benefit from your knowledge - and vice versa. It also means your teams avoid double work in many applications. 

In the platform, select ‘make this Guide visible to other Teams on the main Workspace’ to let others copy and reuse your Guides.




Find best practices.

We’ve made Guides from across your organization visible in the SwipeGuide Instruction CMS (Content Management System) in order to better support knowledge sharing. The default Guide overview still contains all the Guides that you can edit, but now you can use filters to expand your view. This allows you to look for Guides from other workspaces, teams, and assignees. Of course, you can also use tags and free text to search - while the new sorting function simplifies searching through and managing a lot of guides.

We’ve also minimized the information shown in the Guide cards. If you want more information on a Guide, check ‘View details.’ 


Knowledge sharing 2


Copy and reuse Guides.

When you find useful content from other parts of your organization, you can easily copy it to reuse it in your team and workspaces. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, benefit from the great work already done by others in your organization. 

copy guide


published on October 1, 2020


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