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Use Feedback to Make Work Better for Everyone

3 min read - published on May 14, 2019

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Find out how a simple question can change the way you work. SwipeGuide's Instruction Tracking feature collects valuable feedback and improves efficiency.

“We focus on removing frictions and obstacles from work instructions to increase ease-of-use and make every process as lean as possible. That’s why I love the Effort Score. It’s a metric that goes to the core of what we’re trying to deliver to our customers.”

- Willemijn Schneyder, Proud Co-Founder and CEO of SwipeGuide


Want to know what your end-users are thinking and feeling? Of course you do.

It’s better just to ask! A smart business will always have its eyes and ears open to the needs of the end-user. Everyone, from telecom giants to your local brewery, has systems in place to gather user feedback from the people who use them regularly.

Sentiment metrics allow companies to fine-tune the user experience and empower end-users to give feedback. This combination improves processes while creating a better end-product and work environment.

Our vision.

At SwipeGuide, we take this one step further. Our Instruction Tracking feature helps a wide range of companies continually improve their processes and procedures. Individual workers use a series of metrics, embedded strategically within digital work instructions, to collect continuous feedback and combine it with real-time data. Decision-makers use this information to optimize processes and procedures on the factory floor or in the field.

SwipeGuide Digital Work Instructions provide four ways to give feedback about instructions on the shop floor:

  • Effort Score - Determine the difficulty of completing any task.
  • Satisfaction - Determine how satisfied a user is with any instruction.
  • Time Tracking - How long did it take for a user to complete a task using a particular instruction?
  • Completion Rate - Check to see if users read the instruction through to the end.

We don’t just provide a simple way to create instructions: we provide the easiest way to create effective processes and procedures. Instruction Tracking allows users to continuously improve and track employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.


Our North Star Metric: the Effort Score.

However, we like to focus on the Effort Score because it empowers users to increase value on the shop floor with a simple, one-step metric.

The Effort Score simply asks workers how difficult any task is to complete. It uncovers a simple truth: “How easy was it to accomplish the task, and what problems did you need to overcome?”


Effort Score


After completing an instruction, users submit a score indicating the difficulty of an action or process. Thus, problems and frictions are systematically discovered and can be resolved. By enabling a cycle of consistent feedback and improvement, the effort score facilitates our mission of making any task easier to do.

This is all accomplished with a single metric. Manufacturing companies can identify problems and inefficiencies in their processes in a way that was impossible before SwipeGuide.

This Means:

  • Fewer Errors: The effort score ensures that every process becomes easier. Effortless actions on the shop floor mean fewer mistakes from employees.
  • Lower Costs: Fewer mistakes means less wasted time and resources, which translates directly to lower operational costs.
  • Efficiency: Before, problems within processes took time and energy to uncover and resolve. The Effort Score removes this friction and spares these resources for better use.
  • Better Training: Asking employees about effort is not monitoring, it’s communicating. Ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard leads to a rewarding on-the-job training experience and fosters an atmosphere of continuous improvement for the workforce.

We love the Effort Score because it champions the user and helps us simplify the world. It allows the right people to communicate directly with the experts: the workers who perform essential tasks every day. Our Instruction Tracking feature allows companies to track, analyze, and act upon essential data and facilitate a true culture of continuous improvement.

published May 14, 2019


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