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Feature Update: The Instruction CMS.


Thanks to your feedback and input, the SwipeGuide Instruction CMS is now user-friendlier than ever.

28 February 2019

A new improved release of the Instruction CMS will be available for you on Monday, March 4th, 2019. Some of the new goodies for easier creation of your guides are:

Better support for the instructional design process.

  • The Instruction CMS now supports the instructional design process even better. It is easier to set up the structure of your guides first and start editing the actual content next.
  • We introduce a new and better overview of topics and instructions.
  • We got rid of the "default" topic that was generated when starting guide creation.
  • In the structure, you now have one-click editing to make creating and changing of content easier.

Default topic


100% what-you-see-Is-what-you-get editing.

  • We enhanced what-you-see-is-what-you-get capabilities in the Instruction CMS. When you create a guide you already see it in the same form as the user will see it.
  • All content aspects, both visuals, and texts, are adjustable via one-click editing.
  • Reviewing and editing are closer together now, making the life of editors much easier.


Move and copy instructions and steps.

  • The editor now has more options to move and copy instructions and steps:
    • You can copy instructions within one guide.
    • You also have the option to copy and move steps.
    • These options make the re-use of content easier and the editing of SwipeGuide more efficient.




Edit your translations.

  • Edit the translations of your guides with a few easy clicks. More straightforward for quick translations.
  • There still is an option to export content for translation. This is the easiest way to do bulk translations.


Enhanced image editing options.

  • Visuals are key for good instructions in SwipeGuide. Thus, image editing options have been improved.
  • Cropping, rotating, and containing images is now possible.
  • You can change the focus point in images.
  • You will soon also be able to add vector graphics on top of images to point out the key parts in images that you want to draw attention to.


We hope you will like what you see! Please share your feedback with us via the in-app chat or support@swipeguide.com.

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Chris loves to share his expertise on future-proof work instruction software for frontline teams in manufacturing. Particularly, how digital, visual work instructions can make a lasting impact on motivation, productivity, and operational excellence culture.

28 February 2019