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“Help the Helper” - with standard operating procedures for improving manufacturing processes.

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manufacturing standard operating procedures

New processes deserve good standard operating procedures. Manufacturers who give back during the COVID-19 crisis get a free 6-month subscription to SwipeGuide Pro [value 4470€].

The COVID-19 coronavirus is not only taking a toll on the health of employees - resulting in absences and lost productivity - but also on production processes and procedures. 


Instruction software company SwipeGuide is offering their Pro subscription for free for 6 months to manufacturing companies that give back during the COVID-19 crisis. This offer is available worldwide for manufacturing companies of any shape and size through April and May of 2020, and has a value of 4470€.


The reason behind the “Help the Helper” campaign is the fact that several manufacturing companies, namely in the beverage, fast moving consumer goods,  and automotive industries are changing their procedures to either start or increase production of essential products such as the hand sanitizer, face masks, and respirators that are crucial during the pandemic.


The SwipeGuide Pro platform is ideal for companies in need of implementing new processes or production procedures. They will help manufacturers efficiently onboard shop floor workers on the fly with digital work instructions and standard operating procedures. 


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published on March 27, 2020


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