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We're helping the helpers.

New processes deserve good standard operating procedures. Manufacturers who give back* during the COVID-19 crisis get a free 6 month subscription to SwipeGuide Pro [value 4470€].

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Has your company contributed?

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* What do we mean by "giving back?"

Is your company planning to start or has already started the production of:

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

  • Mouth masks.

  • Respirators.

  • Hospital beds.

  • Medical equipment.

  • Or donated any of the listed products to hospitals or care homes.

Does your company need to:

  • Implement new processes

  • Start new production procedures

  • Onboard and train new or temporary workers efficiently on the fly

  • Transfer existing work instructions to a digital and visual format?


This offer is available worldwide for manufacturing companies of any shape and size during April and May of 2020. 


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