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SwipeGuide features

Capture, share, and improve frontline knowledge.

  • Templated Content Creation.

    Easy-to-use templates to create safety, maintenance, operating & troubleshooting instructions.

    Templates are available for work instructions, SOPs, OPLs, checklists, and more.

  • Drag & Drop Editing.

    Easily structure content, create instructions, and reuse existing content throughout your operations—all with a visual drag-and-drop interface.

  • Multilingual.

    Editors and frontline teams can work with their native language when creating and using content. Currently, we support more than 40 languages. 

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Coca Cola safety

“Real advantage for employee engagement by involving operators in the creation process"

Operations Excellence Director at Coca-Cola

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  • Many ways to share.

    SwipeGuide is compatible with laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and instructions can be distributed via QR codes, embed, NFC, or direct links.

  • Copy and reuse guides.

    Simply copy and reuse great content from other parts of your organization.

  • Work offline.

    Get access to essential knowledge on any device, anywhere. The SwipeGuide frontline app will automatically download the latest version of any work instruction when connected to the internet.

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Share instructions 800x721

“Easily check the procedures and standards of any machine we're standing next to.”

Shift Coordinator at Alken Maes

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  • Actionize instruction feedback.

    Gather insights from users on your instructions and procedures. Identify pain points and improvements.

  • Time and quality tracking.

    Track the time spent on each step, instruction, and topic while monitoring completion rates.

  • Up & running in 24 hours.

    If you choose the Enterprise package, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will support you during and after the onboarding process.

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Reyco Granning work instructions suspemnsions

SwipeGuide bring manufacturing instructions "out of the stone age" and "into the 21st century"

Caleb, Manufacturing Engineer at Reyco Granning

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